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Informal atmosphere

While visiting IAI, you most definitely will recognize our informal work atmosphere, open culture, respectful interaction among colleagues and flat structure.

Celebrate successes

Our milestones are celebrated with a company wide treat, since we achieve these milestones together. When ordering a food truck on the parking lot, our whole team enjoys their french fries together.

Supportive culture

The whole team is equally important and everyone is taken seriously. Trust is given to employees and mistakes can be made – at least if you learn from those mistakes. 

About IAI.

IAI industrial systems has been at the forefront of secure document personalisation for many years, providing unique and advanced systems for a broad spectrum of industrial users. As a result of this experience and our extensive knowledge, IAI has gained an excellent reputation for the design and supply of industrial production systems where laser, optics, precision mechanics and control software play key roles.

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